Gift Your Valentine The Bleeding Heart Cake

This Valentine’s day, gift your valentine your bleeding heart. Yes, you’ve heard it right; with the Valentine’s Bleeding Heart Cake by Lily Vanilli, you can now give your valentine a taste of your delicious bleeding heart.

Valentine's Bleeding Heart Cake 1

These artistically crafted, edible heart cakes are scarily realistic and are made using red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and cherry and blackcurrant syrup for the blood, which will make your valentine drool!

Valentine's Bleeding Heart Cake 2

So, this 14th February, gift your valentine something other than the regular box of chocolates or flowers and with this Bleeding Heart Cake you’re certain to gift your valentine something he or she has never received before.

Valentine's Bleeding Heart Cake 3

This heart cake looks so lifelike as if it was stolen away when the cardiac took a loo break during a bypass surgery. What’s even cooler is that when this juicy Heart of Love is cut, the delicious cherry and blackcurrant juices ooze out resembling blood, which is sure to delight any geek born on planet Earth!

Valentine's Bleeding Heart Cake 4

These anatomical, juicy and bleeding little hearts are priced at £7 and come in a cute little perspex box tied with a pink or red ribbon and with a note, if you would like to add one.

Valentine's Bleeding Heart Cake 5

I say, get these little hearts for your valentine this year and be sure to spread the smile on his or her face. You could have a little trouble if your valentine is a diehard PETA member though.

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