Real Hot Wheels Double Loop Breaks Guinness World Record

Team Hot Wheels sets the Guinness World Record for successfully racing two real cars through a giant loop, in what is an incredible piece of footage.

Hot Wheels loop stunt Image

There is no greater, memorable stunt when comes to Hot Wheels than the mighty Double Dare Snare track. And over the weekend this childhood-toy feat was successfully duplicated in the real world with real, gasoline-powered cars and a two-story bright orange loop at the X Games in Los Angeles, California.

Team Hot Wheels drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Faust both whipped around a 60-foot tall double vertical loop at the speed of 52 mph and amazingly completed the stunt unscathed. If I may don my Neil deGrasse Tyson cap for a moment (no I can’t tell you where I got it, it’s a secret), the velocity at which Tracy and Faust experienced during their stunt was around 7 G’s of gravitation force.

Not dangerous on the body by any stretch, but good enough for both drivers do a quick impression of a Shar Pei. For their courage though, Tracy, Faust, and the rest of the Team Hot Wheels crew managed to make many a little kid’s dream come true that day – big kids too – and thus earning a worthy spot in the Guinness World Records book.

If what I’m describing, sounds completely awesome in your imagination, believe me, it’s twice as such when seeing it with your own two eyes. Check it out.

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