Jud Turner Creates a Reliquary for an Avant-garde Writer

William S. Burroughs was an America writer, social critic, painter and a visionary who drew his inspiration from what he experienced as an opiate addict. He was an experimental writer who was quite avant-garde in nature, and considering his views we could say he was almost guided by supernatural forces.

Jud Turner as we all know is an amazing artist who has created several sculptures, installations and other forms of art. This time around, he has created what he has called “Reliquary for the Third Eye of William S. Burroughs”.

A reliquary is a container in which physical remains of saints are contained. Thus, to protect the third of an experimental writer in a reliquary says a lot about what the piece of art stands for. This monumental sculpture is dedicated to the evolved vision of William S. Burroughs, which can almost be interpreted as the third eye, which most of us lack.

The Reliquary for the Third Eye of William S. Burroughs looks like it is inspired by Industrial art, though not quite Steampunk. You could contact Jud Turner, if you would like to purchase this awesome piece of art. Alternatively, you could also take a look at some of his other avant-garde art pieces like the Thirteen Skulls Art, the Pollutacuda and the Animal Themed Bicycle.