Resident Awesome PC Mod

There are a lot of survival horror video games out there, but few have the staying power of the Resident Evil series. For years, the games have been the industry leaders in providing gore-soaked, mutated zombie, shot-em-up action.

It’s no wonder then that Ron Christainson decided to use the dirty industrial iconography of the game to build the ultimate Resident Evil PC Mod. Even though it’s his first modding project, the end result is truly amazing. Using polystyrene, bits of old computer and sci-fi model kits, model paint and plumbing fixtures, he’s recreated the look a disused research facility where horrible things take place and abominations are waiting around every corner.

Incredibly detailed right down to the control panels, you can just imagine biomutagenic-tainted blood spraying against the walls. Since Christainson is a PC tech, the end result will not only looks amazing, you can be sure  it’ll also a pretty tricked out computer. It’s still a work in progress and you can check out his extensive video documentation on his Youtube channel or here at his design company’s blog. He’s up to part 11 and not finished yet, but maybe you’ll be inspired by his step by step instructions to build a Resident Evil mod of your own. All we ask is that you don’t make one based on those mutated dogs, Because that would just be disgusting.

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Via: Case Mod Blog