The Final Addition to an Apple Fanboy Party: The iPhone 4 Cake

What better way to celebrate your love for everything Apple by way of a yummy tasting and appealing looking iPhone 4 cake that is perfect for any fanboy or fangirl?

The creator of the Mac Mini Cake baked it for a friend’s leaving party. She baked an Apple iPhone 4.0 cake for her fiancé when he was leaving Apple. And to top it all was the gorgeous looking balloon birthday cake that she baked for her granddad’s 91st birthday. Granddad must have been beaming with love and pride.

It only takes a little effort and you too can have a wonderful cake coming right out of your oven. As is commonly believed, baking a cake is no rocket science. Yes, you do need to keep in mind a few things on the way to get a great result.

Firstly, sieve your flour really well. There should be no lump and the baking powder needs to be mixed well with it. The sieving traps air which makes the cake light. Beat the eggs well. It is very important to beat in one direction to keep all the trapped air in the batter. Make sure you mix the flour, eggs and sugar properly. However, do not beat it as flour does not require any beating.

Once the batter is ready pour it into the cake tin of your choice and bake it for the time mentioned in the recipe. This cake will form the base on which you can bring about that special touch of your loving gesture. Decide upon the design you want to create. Prepare fondant of those particular colors and let your imagination and skills spill on to the cake. Particular designs might call for a little expertise but making basic shapes is not difficult.

Take for example the iPhone design. Even as a first timer you can attempt to do it with all the small square designs on the face of the cake. How about creating it? Try it and impress yourself.

This cake is a sure shot to whet the appetite of your sweet tooth! But believe me you will also love to try iPhone Cake Design and Video Game Cupcakes.

Via: A Slice of Us