Donkey Kong And Pop Culture Mash-ups: Geek Overload

We love Donkey Kong and Mario (or “Jumpman”, as he was called way back when), but even we like to spice things up sometimes. Luckily, an incredible artist did the job for us.

DK mash up

The genius behind this is an artist who goes by the name of BazNet. he took Donkey Kong‘s classic outline for the first level, and modified it a bit (both the level AND sprites!) with some geeky and pop culture themes. Now we have variations referencing the Dark Knight series, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time and Star Wars, amongst others. There’s got to be at least one you like in this huge collection!

Donkey Kong Adventure Time

Donkey Kong Alien

Donkey Kong Batman

You can acquire some of BazNet’s pieces as posters and t-shirts at RedBubble. or see more of his work in deviantART and Tumblr.

Donkey Kong Game of Thrones

Donkey Kong Star Wars

Donkey Kong The Hobbit

Source: io9

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