Alternative Avengers Art

The Avengers film about the Marvel Superheroes, not the British secret agents, will be out two months from now, and the latest trailer has gotten most of us eagerly waiting for the movie just a bit more excited, if that’s even possible for a long time Marvel fan.

Yeah, I know that Hawkeye and the Black Widow don’t make sense, especially in the final seconds of the trailer, with huge aliens and super powered meta humans or power suit owners are standing alongside them, but comic books and their movies shouldn’t make sense. They’re supposed to be fun, and not insult the intelligence of the viewer while not deviating too much from the source material.

Fan art, however, can deviate very much, the more the better probably. I’m pretty sure you enjoyed the If Marvel Superheroes Were Cats post, although I’m not sure it was the inspiration for what you’ll see next.

The Avengers as Cats

I never imagined Captain America as the lazy one. I think Tony Stark after a few margaritas would fit the self indulgent cat-type a bit more.

The Avengers as the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper

Awesome idea, but I don’t see The Hulk as a peace seeking fella, although Bruce Banner might be actually, so I better shut up and let you enjoy the scenery.

The Avengers as Matryoshka Dolls

Being born in Stalingrad, Natalia Romanova probably feels right at home in this painting. I’m pretty sure the Hulk isn’t happy about being privately invaded by Hawkeye, although The Hulk isn’t too happy about anything.