“Once Upon” Project Gives Social Networks Retro Makeover

Think Nineties (yes I am that old) and the mind instantly conjures up images of “Grunge music,” “the Macarena,” “VHS Tapes,” “The X-Files” and so on.  It was a time, where dial up internet was the most covetable technology to have, Nintendo games were seen as masterpieces and drinking coffee at Starbucks the epitome of cool!

Facebook In The Nineties

Oh and if you didn’t rock out to the tunes of Seattle bands like  Nirvana and Pearl Jam, then you were pretty much ostracized! Facebook and Youtube were not invented yet, but we did have ICQ to brush up our social skills,  and the recently deceased Napster to quench our multi-media cravings.

Yes folks those were certainly simpler times and if you like me miss the diverse subcultures and trends  that mushroomed in the nineties, then you will appreciate the Once Upon Project. This project no doubt is the brainchild of a nineties kid, as it takes you down memory lane by re-imagining Facebook, Google+ and Youtube in the dial-up era (remember how you and your folks fought over who gets the dibs over the landline?).

Youtube In The Nineties

So you have Facebook without the complicated interface (hint hint Zuckerberg), YouTube with a host of encoding options and Google+  with the circles been replaced by the ubiquitous square! Of course it goes without saying that the websites have been designed keeping in mind the erstwhile  Netscape Navigator  and takes forever to render (it is 8 kB/s after all).

Google+ In The Nineties

So sit back, point your mouse here and be prepared to be hit by a wave of nostalgia.