Robot Maid Helps Around the House

Robots are becoming even more and more useful as scientists and inventors are finding new and inventive ways to help the robots help the people who own those particular robots.

Of course we know about the robots that cook breakfast for you if you are willing to lay out the ingredients and expect a little bit of mess and clutter.  We also know about the robots that can actually help repair and build structures on their own, rather than being guided by someone at the controls like the Kali robot.  But now there is a robot that actually looks a little like Rosie from the Jetsons and can actually help around the house doing all sorts of different tasks.

This particular robot, known as Kompai was actually put together by a french company and it apparently has quite a few uses with most of them centering on providing service to the elderly.  The robot is activated by voice commands, making it easier to use for those who are not exactly the most tech savy amongst us.  The robot can carry out very modest tasks around the house such as keeping the owner’s schedule, making the grocery list, providing a little bit of entertainment and can even make contact to various pre-programmed phone numbers such as the doctor or the owner’s best friends.

Of course while the first Kompai is geared towards helping the elderly, it appears a robot like this could certainly be something that would be used a little more often from other people as well.  Imagine the cute little robot that is dressed up like a traditional french maid (minus the sex) that is tooling around your house or apartment and actually telling you when you are due at the Dentist’s office, or the nearest Jiffy Lube or whatever other meeting you have scheduled.  These kinds of robots really might be the first step towards actually having personal assistants that are completely motorized.  Check out the video we included that shows all the different things this particular Kompai robot can accomplish with the understanding that they can only go up from here.