15 Alternative Fan Art of Great Rock Bands

Talented rock bands have talented fans. Maybe not in the same field, music, but they sure as hell make some great artworks of their idols.

The Beatles

Awesome Jaime Molina art recreating that mythic Abbey Road moment.

The Rolling Stones

Tara Ryzebol giving Mt. Rushmore a whole new, cooler look.

Led Zeppelin

Merijn Jansen giving the greatest rock band of all time the Southpark treatment.


Johanna Gasner gives each member of Queen an outfit from one of the band’s videos.

Pink Floyd

Credit goes to Chris Hoffman for this amazing PF collage, including the band members and some album covers.


Justyna Kubacka sending the lads on their Highway to Hell.


Abraham Morales giving U2 the Joshua Tree treatment.


They caught the Steven Tyler mouth just about right.

Dire Straits

Mark Knoffler is probably the only one people remember anyway.


Ebbe Waxin gives the guys a bit of a childish look.

Guns N Roses

Anna & Helena making the guys look like goody goody two shoes.

The Doors

Val Kilmer or Jim Morrison? Ask Rosario Marineo.


Always makes me feel a bit sad inside.


A band that pretty much copied off the first band on this list, but simply did it very well, making them pretty cool for a while.


Even their fan art is alternative.