Street Fighter II Diorama Lights Up & Has In-Game Sounds

Bigboystoys HK would win any science fair in my book with this Street Fighter II diorama featuring Capcom’s hadoken master himself, Ryu.

Street Fighter TNC Ryu BigBoysToys image 1

The first of eight figurines to their upcoming Street Fighter T.N.C. line, Ryu here (about 6.7 inches tall in size) not only comes shipped in such an awesome pose, but also the miniature background inspired by his in-game fighting state that also lights up with classic sound effects. And yes, he does say “hadoken!”

Street Fighter TNC Ryu BigBoysToys image 2

Let’s just say the end result, which you can see video of directly below, is PERFECT.


According to their Facebook, Bigboytoys HK appears to be planning for Ryu’s shryuken-wielding bestie Ken for their next T.N.C. figure. For now though, you can pre-order the Ryu figurine and all its awesome splendor through Japanese gaming import shop Play-Asia for $89.99 (USD), to be shipped out to customers sometime in March.

Source: Bigboytoys HK on Facebook

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