Severus Snape Doing Everyday Stuff in Cardboard Form

Weird yet funny and magical things happen on Tumblr, and one of them is the blog dedicated to the Alan Rickman version of Professor Snape.

How exactly? Well, it’s a cardboard version of the best character in the Harry Potter movies and books, doing everyday stuff like trying to get a suntan or cleaning the kitchen.

Yes, it’s that foolish sounding, and yet it’s amazingly awesome.

Snape About to Clean His Kitchen

Snape in the Kitchen

Professor Snape in the Sun

Snape Tanning

Snape Going to Bed With a Teddy Bear

Snape & His Teddy

Snape Waking Up From a Night of Drunken Debauchery

Snape Hangover

Severus Snape Working Out

Severus Snape Working Out

Snape on Valentine’s Day

Snape on Valentine's Day

“After all this time?” “…Always…”

For more of cardboard’s Snape incredibly boring adventures, check out the  “Snape Doing Things” blog on Tumblr.

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