10 Reasons to Dress up Like Yoda

    Halloween is just a couple months away and geeks need to start thinking about their options. Or who needs a special occasion anyways? This will make you happy even in every day life. Here at Walyou we think that everyone should be more like our favorite green Jedi, Master Yoda (as long as we ignore the prequels, anyways). So you should dress up like him. Why, you ask? Well, we’ve compiled some (very strong) arguments.

    You Will be the Ultimate Geek Icon

    Let’s face it: there’s a reason you’re reading this: we love geeky things, and so do you. Yoda is one of the most recognizable characters of all time, and we can’t help but love him. His words of wisdom still move us, more than 30 years after the movies came out, and is by now a geek legend. Pay tribute to the man, damn it. He totally deserves it.

    You Can Go Commando

    Now, seriously, what is below that robe anyways? Okay, scratch that, we don’t really wanna know. But if you dress up like Yoda, you get to choose what happens, and with such a face, we can definitely imagine him having a secret down there. This leads straight to our second point, which is …

    No More Electric Bills

    You control the force, now act like it! Sure, we only see Yoda ever using his electric powers in the prequels, but hey, if Palpatine gets to do it in Episode 6, we think it’s safe to assume Yoda could too. Now you get to power up your stereo with your force powers, say goodbye to the electricity bills!

    No Need to Talk Coherently When Drunk (Or At All)

    Walyou begs you, readers: don’t drink and drive. If you can follow that simple rule, go wild. We’re sure Yoda must have had some good younger years, and wasn’t always a goody two-shoes. And if you unleash the party animal, we’re sure you’ll have an easy time like this talking.

    If You’re Already Creepy …

    Okay, we admit it, even though we made a huge deal about being able to not wear anything down there, the whole thing is a bit creepy. But it doesn’t matter, if you take his words out of context, anything he says could come off the wrong way. If you wanna play with that, be our guest.

    No Comb Needed

    Play the lack of hair to your advantage! How many stray hairs does this guy have on his head anyways? And even if they’re more than we can count (we don’t think so), we can clearly see he hasn’t used a comb in ages. Maybe they were a rare item in Coruscant …

    You Get to Wear a Robe Outside (Like Hugh Hefner)

    Comfort über alles! The fact that you’re into geeky things doesn’t mean you can’t have the ladies, Tiger. Quite the opposite! And if Hugh Heffner could get all those playmates by just wearing a robe, you and your Yoda costume are ready to follow suit. We’re sure it was the robe. It had to be the robe.

    Bum Around in a Swamp

    Now you have a reason to not clean your house: it’s part of staying in character. That messy room of yours looks like a Dagobah swamp anyways, you might want to have a reason for that. And if your roommate is not that happy about this, you just have to tell him it’s part of the Jedi training. Padawans don’t get to make the rules!

    LL Yoda: Ladies Love Little Green Men

    Let’s face it: the ladies’ standards are not as universal as the guys.’ You never know what your girl might be into. Maybe little green older dyslexic men are totally her thing. You won’t know until you try.

    Easy Access

    Yoda is a man of simple pleasures. He had no problem living in Dagobah, away from people and the joys of the big cities like Coruscant. Still, we’re pretty sure he didn’t renounce to every comfort and had Internet access at his place, amongst other things. And speaking of access, this is yet another benefit of wearing just a robe! Seriously, the man lived like a king, surrounded by Dagobah green.