Silent Hill Haunted House At Universal Studios

The infamous ghost town of Silent Hill comes to Universal Studios in October.

Silent Hill Universal Halloween Horror Nights image 1

The idea of a Silent Hill haunted house is so spook-tastically splendid, I’m surprised no one though up it before. In fact, I want to know the person responsible for including the popular Konami horror series in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights just so I can shake his/her hand. You’ve done society good, uh, whoever you are!

Oh, don’t know what Halloween Horror Nights is? Well, it’s an after-hours event hosted at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, where all the best things about that frightful night are celebrated; yup, my kind of place alrighty.  There’s haunted houses (abraca-duh), all sorts of ghouls & ghosts out on the prowl, plus other Halloween-themed attractions.

Silent Hill Universal Halloween Horror Nights image 3

Announced at Comic-Con 2012, Universal made it know that the Silent Hill franchise would be apart of their festivities beginning around October, with an ample haunted-house maze dedicated to it. Tons of references and location callbacks to all the Silent Hill games (the 2006 movie directed by by Christophe Gans, too), plus special appearances by Pyramid Head himself… or itself?

Just glancing through some of the preview images, I am absolutely digging the set design to the Silent Hill haunted house. Some truly awesome stuff that will no doubt scare the buhgeebus out of me. And I say this as someone who gets the buhgeebus scared out of him pretty easily.

Silent Hill Universal Halloween Horror Nights image 2

If you happen to live or visiting the Orlando, Florida region anytime soon, love Halloween (who doesn’t?), or love Silent Hill (again, who doesn’t?) I totally recommend dropping by Universal Studios after the sun goes down and check out the Silent Hill haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights.

Although, if you can’t, that’s cool. It is on really short notice and your time would be better suited reading up on what’s new in “the world of geek” on Walyou, instead. Two prime examples: this weather forecasting toaster and a bad-ass looking truck that’s gone over to the dark side.

Images courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel