Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Haunts Your Room

The Silent Hill series is one of Konami’s biggest franchises, and Pyramid Head, the most recognizable recurring character. Now artists pay homage to him in sculpture form.

Ever since his first appearance in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head became a fan favorite. He didn’t have to say a line to win us over, his silence, presence and the fact that nothing could damage it was more than enough. Since then, the character has appeared many times in other games (Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Homecoming, and a few others) and, although this appearances weren’t as meaningful as in Silent Hill 2, the fans still asked for more.

Konami realized the potential and made him the unofficial mascot of the series (if he can be called that, anyways), and prepared all kinds of official merchandise featuring him for the fans. One of the most unique pieces they did was this Pyramid Head Sculpture, as featured in Konami Style, which features the bad guy (or not so bad?) himself, as seen in the Silent Hill: Homecoming entry.

Pyramid-Head-Sculpture 1

As expected, Pyramid Head comes with his signature gigantic knife which could put Cloud’s Buster Sword to shame, in the most badass pose ever. This is one of the few licensed figures based on the series, and was up for sale for ¥31,500, which means around US$380 dollars, give or take a few. Sure, it’s pricey, but having the scariest of the Bogey men watching you from your desk might as well be worth it… or a good form of psychological torture, we’re not sure.

Pyramid-Head-Sculpture 2

Now this might be a good gift, now that the holiday season is upon us, for the gamer in your family (or yourself). If you’re having a hard time with japanese, or don’t wanna deal with imports, there’s even a couple of them up for sale in eBay, so go hunting! We’re pretty sure the reward will be worth it.

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