The Simpsons Alphabet by Fabian Gonzales

For major the Simpsons fans, here comes a great Simpsonized Alphabet with many of the popular, favorite and weird characters we have grown to love. It has been created by Fabian Gonzales, a creative and fun designer, with all the love a fan would expect. Can you recognize everyone?

simpsons alphabet

I am fortunate enough to know Fabian personally, so seeing his ongoing designs, getting some insight on his working progress and chatting it up is a wonderful privelage. With his love for the Simpsons, he took two days out to create the Alphabet we seen here, with Bart, Homer and Krusty being the most problematic of the bunch. If you love his work as well, make sure to visit Fabian Gonzales’ Gallery.

For other work we have written from Fabian, you would simply love the Superhero Alphabet or the hilarious Batman Villains Operating systems.