LivingTechie is like Groupon with a Techie Twist

Techies who want to buy gadgets at bargain prices now have a Groupon-like Web site at their service that features exclusively deals targeted to hipsters and early adopters of innovative products.

LivingTechie Coupons

The exclusivity factor of LivingTechie goes even further. The special offers are sent to work email addresses, only to employees of the companies listed on CrunchBase. Considering that there are nearly 65,000 companies there and around 85,000 employees, one could say that LivingTechie has quite some target audience to begin with. Roi Carthy, the mind behind this project, declared that “While we are purposefully creating a ‘club house’ for employees of the tech/startup industry, once a deal is received, it can be shared with anyone.”

The design of the Web site is very simple and thus, very intuitive. In order to join the list, one must enter his or her e-mail address on the homepage. To be able to create an account on LivingTechie, the domain of the e-mail address must be found on CrunchBase. Once the account is created, people can easily check the current or the past deals. Printing the coupons is really easy, as a link to this task is featured on the homepage.

LivingTechie will feature more than deals on gadgets. Besides such innovative devices as WakeMate, techies will also be able to purchase clothes at special prices. External hard drives from ioSafe were also featured right off the bat, along with more intimate “gadgets”, from JimmyJane. There is no doubt that LivingTechie represents a great opportunity for these companies to advertise their products. However, in the end, the end users are the ones to have the greatest benefits, as they are able to purchase things of great interest at bargain prices. The single criterion is to work for a CrunchBase-listed company, or at least to know an employee of such a company.

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Via: TechCrunch

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