The Simpsons Arcade Game Coming To PlayStation Plus In February

The legendary Simpsons Arcade Game is finally being digitally released on February 7 — and lucky PlayStation Plus subscribers get to play it first, for free.

The Simpsons Arcade Game Image

Xbox Live achievements found earlier this month, might have speculatively pigeon-holed this forthcoming title as a platform exclusive for the Microsoft service – but surprise, surprise – it turns out actually that the PlayStation Network will be the first up to play The Simpsons Arcade Game, as recently announced by the PlayStation Blog. In the immortal word’s of Homer J. Simpson, “Woo Hoo!”

The 1991 arcade hit from Konami that we all pretty much wasted our month’s allowance playing, featuring that hilariously delinquent cast of characters from the popular, and quite long running, cartoon by Matt Groening, is at long last coming to the PlayStation Network the first Tuesday in February, receiving a neat-and-tidy high-definition conversion and four-player online co-operative play (good luck trying to find someone to play as Marge though.)

Coming Soon PS Plus Feb 2012 Image

Don’t do the Bart-man just yet though, because the game will only be available, temporarily, to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Totally free of course, along with a sleuth of other goodies arriving in February; Final Fantasy V, Far Cry 2 (on Valentine’s Day no less), a Sega Genesis Bundle, and much more. Yeah, I know, boo-urns indeed if you’re not a PS Plus member, but I’m sure not much after the game will be purchasable by all (PSN and XBLA) in the near near future, perhaps a month’s time.

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UPDATE: Good news everybody, Konami now officially says that the game will be on sale for both PSN and XBLA, on the same day, February 7, for the low, low, price of $9.99.