Skateboard Art Puts a Skatepark on Wheels

While I have never that much of a skateboarding fan, I can still appreciate a clever piece of art when I see one (At least I like to think so!). With that in mind then, the novelty behind this “Let’s go Surfing Instead” takes your average suburban skate park and places it on an actual skateboard. Skate park on wheels here we go!

To be more specific, I should note that this is a skateboard with a skate park replica built on top. It was then a skate park. So I guess that means we have come full circle. Unlike some of the other pieces of art you see out there, it looks liek the vast majority of comments from the anonymous Internet peanut gallery were largely positive. Just scanning through the first page, there were a variety of reponses to the short “Wow” and “I love the originality of this!” to the more damaging to my eyes “this is amazing in so many ways.” Or you could draw your own conclusions. Personally? I think this definitely warrants a note here on Walyou, because it’s a cool piece of fun that the creator whipped up. If you’re an actual skater I’d imagine you can relate to this on an even high level, dude.

After getting a taste of quirky art like this one, you might find yourself hungering for more. If so, not to worry, because we’ve featured a ton of cool stuff here on Walyou and I’m happy to point you in t he right direction. Amongst my personal favorites I enjoyed the World of Warcraft pod since every MMO addict needs a home, right? I’m also a sucker for nerdy treats, and so these Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon Truffles are definitely artistically yummy.

Via: Deviant Art