A Bloody Skyrim Rampage in Real-Life

Nothing like some good ol’ fashion Violence to get your juices flowing. Fictional, imaginary violence, that is. After playing Skyrim for over 70-80-90 hours, even a game that awesome can grow a bit dull when you just complete quest after quest. Going on bloody rampages can be quite satisfying when you do get a bit bored.

Maybe it’s some idle villagers who just crossed you the wrong way by some stupid comment they make about you stepping into their cabbage patch. Maybe it’s one of the captives being carried off by the Imperial guards. Hack him off for being insolent, and kill the guards just because you can.

Even mothers with problems, who have lost their children, or guards who dare arrest you for a few small murders you hardly noticed doing. even your partner in Dragon killing. Dragons seem to unite friend and foe alike when they appear in the sky, but all is fair in the land of Skyrim once the beast is taken down.

Imagining what it would look like in real life?  Well, some guys are bored enough to actually pull through with the brilliant project, giving you a taste of how running amok in the huge Skyrim world would look like in everyday life.