Freelancers Present the World’s Largest Invoice

If all the non-paying clients were given an invoice at the same, it would certainly be the World’s Largest Invoice.

With that in mind, it helps to acknowledge that freelancers are never strangers to clients who either forget to pay bills or just abscond once the work is submitted. Almost every freelance writer would have had a bad experience at least once when it comes to collecting payments. The Freelancers Union has kick-started a unique initiative that lets freelancers around the world to add their info, if they haven’t been paid by their clients. The initiative also is geared towards urging lawmakers to pass the Freelancer Payment protection act in the state of New York.

The ruling is expected to offer the same benefits that full-time employees usually have. This would entitle freelancers in New York to seek protection from the Department of Labor, and file wage claims if a client should refuse to pay, or if he simply forgets paying the dues. Freelancing can be a great way to reschedule your life, and get out of the bone-breaking 9-5 job, which offer little freedom and independence.

Freelancing has several benefits but a few demerits as well. Apart from clients forgetting to pay dues, there is also the risk of same clients not paying other contractors as well. Thus, an act like this could prevent repeat-offenders from seeking web contractors for content, web development, design and anything else that one may choose to offer as a freelancer. While humorous in a way, it can turn out to be a great deterrent when it comes to clients who repeatedly fail to pay up freelancers, and it might also help in taking legal actions against such clients.

At the moment, the invoice does not let you mention your client’s name or company and I believe it would have been much better if that were so. However, it might at least help in getting the legislation passed in New York. Such a legislation would be exemplary and similar legislations can be passed in other states of the U.S.A and probably abroad as well. If you are a freelancer who is looking for another job, a Creative Portfolio might help you reach your target. Other services like vCita and Skyfer would assist you in securing freelance gigs as well.