Sonic The Hedgehog Shops For Progressive Insurance

The popular Sega mascot tries to save big on his car insurance in this TV commercial for Progressive Insurance.

Sonic Progressive Insurance Commercial Image

Owning a vehicle has many responsibilities, and making sure you’ve got top-quality car insurance is definitely one of them. That’s because as smart drivers know all too well: you never know what unsuspecting turns the road of life might take, so it’s best to be prepared. And the exact same knowledge goes for spiky, blue cartoonish, hedgehogs too.

You see friends, when he’s not trying to save cute woodland creatures from becoming robots at the hands of a quite rotund mad scientist, Sonic the Hedgehog saves money on his car insurance from Progressive. Which, obviously, for the world’s fastest hedgehog means himself; seriously, you know how risky it is for someone that fast not to have insurance?

All it takes is one wrong move — going into the slow-lane without checking your blind spot — and… KAPOW! Ten car pile up on the highway. Yup, always the classic case. It’s a super good thing, then, that Sonic takes matters like this intensely, just like his love for justice and two mean chili dogs (ah, yeah!)

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