Next Generation Xbox and PlayStation at E3 Games Show

This must be the moment that most gamers have been waiting for. In fact, 2012 will see the launches of newer versions of all the 3 major gaming consoles.

The successor to the Xbox 360 and an updated version of PlayStation 3 would be announced this summer. One must also remember that Nintendo is going to launch its Wii U, which is a successor to Wii. It is quite possible that all the consoles would be launched at the E3 games show in Los Angeles, which takes place in June. Rumored pictures of the consoles are already out.

This would allow reviewers to compare the 3 consoles at the same time for the first time ever. Xbox 360 was launched way back in 2005 and gamers have been waiting for its next version for quite some time now. Sony may unveil PS3 in its updated form a little before the launch of Xbox 360’s successor in order to stay ahead of the competition. Microsoft and Sony both had claimed that their consoles would have a product cycle of at least 10 years. Both the companies have decided to announce their new generation consoles a few years earlier. Moreover, one may want to recollect that Sony has already launched its PlayStation Vita in June and North American and European releases are on their way this month.

It would be really interesting to wait and watch how the console war is going to unfold. While we wait for the next gen Xbox and PlayStation 4, we can only imagine what the consoles are going to be like and how they would compete against each other. The Xbox 360 in Slow Motion Explosion was one helluva video that had got everybody’s adrenalin shooting up. You might also want to take a look at this Dreamy Xbox Console Concept, which we had featured sometime back. You could also check out this Nasty Xbox 360 mod, which looks totally kick-ass.