Steam Finally Adds FPS Counter to its Overlay

Among its announcement and fixes, Valve announced it’s adding an FPS counter to its Steam overlay, something gamers and users of the platform have been requesting for quite some time.


Until now, those who were asking for the framerate counter had to use a tool like FRAPS if they wanted to check their game’s frame rate.

Now, obviously they’re not happy (the gamers, that is). Now they want he FPS counter to be customizable in both color and display position, but baby steps. Just getting one is good enough for now.

Among other fixes, Steam announced it has reduced CPU usage when drawing animated images or videos, fixed video playback performance regression on Mac OS X and Linux and fixed reloading settings values in the Steam Overlay.

A nice bonus to all of those who love taking screenshots of what they’re playing on Steam:Bonus: The counter is part of Steam’s overlay, and thus won’t show up in screenshots taken within Steam (default key F12).

Source: Steam Community