Sony NGP: Next Generation Portable aka PSP 2

After the debut of the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play at CES, no one thought to look for yet another nex-gen video game handheld platform, but here it is. Late last night/early this morning Sony unveiled the brand new codenamed Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable), otherwise known as the PSP 2 to the rest of us, at its PlayStation Meeting 2011 live event in Tokyo.Now feast your eyes upon its gaming wonder.

Next Generation Portable NGP PSP 2

Yes, it’s definitely the PSP’s younger and more capable brother, with two analog sticks (the first portable ever to have this), a gorgeous 5-inch OLED screen with a 960 x 544 resolution, 3G and Wi-fi capability, a capacitive touch screen, front and rear cameras, and even more.

PSP 2 Next Generation Portable 2

Sony demonstrated a ton of popular games for the device including Little Big Planet, Uncharted, video of Metal Gear Solid, and several cut scenes from Capcom games. In all honestly, even with the less than perfect video quality at the event, we can definitely still tell how beautiful this thing is. The polygons look hot, and the scenery of Uncharted looked just as good if not better than the Xbox 360’s. This might be because the NGP has the most powerful process ever seen in a handheld, the quad-core Cortex-A9. Check out the gameplay below.

What’s even cooler about this NGP (as if dual sticks, cams, 3G/Wi-Fi, and an insane processing unit didn’t already do it for us) is the added touchpad on the back of the device. It’s roughly the same size as the OLED screen in front and allows you to control the games in new and interesting ways while playing. It also has the Playstation Move’s accelerometer and gyroscope, and an electronic compass to boot. Oh, and did we mention how freaking thin this thing is?

PSP 2 Next Generation Portable

NGP PSP 2 Thin

We can’t wait to play with this thing as much as the next gamer, and the new UI dubbed “LiveArea” should make it pretty fluid with navigation similar to Android that connects to the Playstation Network so you can smack talk your friends. In addition, PlayStation Suite which was also announced will allow you to play Android game content, so you can finally play Angry Birds without lagging into Oblivion.


Next Generation Portable: NGP PSP 2

We’ll keep a look out on pricing and release as the PlayStation gods decide.

Via: Engadget