Sony’s PlayStation to Not Attend E3 2020

sony playstation

E3 2020 is expected to take place between the 9th of June and the 11th. However, Sony is not going to participate in the event, and PlayStation will be missing from E3 2020 conspicuously. Sony PlayStation did not participate in this event even last year. The reasons for not participating our marquee and it brings to question what Sony’s business strategy is going to be like. 

Why won’t Sony attend E3 2020?

It is not clear why Sony has taken this decision but it looks like this is going to be its strategy going forward. PlayStation is probably looking at Apple as its model which often refuses to participate in such events as well. However Apple can afford to not participate in technology events, while it is not clear Sony can. 

Competitors may use the opportunity

The gaming scene is quite crowded and noisy at the moment. Companies such as Ubisoft, Bethesda and even Microsoft Xbox will be present at the ETA 2020. Considering how easy it is for players to ignore game titles, Sony’s strategy is quite questionable. Sony’s PlayStation also has not fared well in certain markets, while its competitor Xbox has opted for an aggressive approach. With these factors in mind, Sony’s decision to not participate in the ETA 2020 may not be such a good one. 

The business reason behind the avoidance, and its consequences

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will launch sometime this year. It would have made sense for Sony to be present at the E3 2020, in order to display its new console. This would have allowed gamers to switch sides, especially if they have been using Nintendo or Xbox for while. The problem with avoiding events such as E3 2020 is, companies stand to lose out on large markets that seek out competitors actively. 

Mere presence at an event can establish a brand’s reputation, and even Sony needs that. However, one needs to wait and watch in order to understand how this decision will pan out, and what it will do to PS5’s sales. At the moment, all we know is that Xbox has decided to attend the event, as confirmed by its CEO Philip Spencer.