Justice League Beers: Getting Drunk For Justice

It turns out that most of the heroes in the JLA actually have a hobby for when they are not stopping Darkseid’s plans, or something. This hobby is brewing.

JLA Beer 1

This is a project straight from Marcelo Rizzetto‘s mind, a graphic designer who put forth these “Super Hero Beers”. In it, we see different packagings and brands designed to match the style of the DC superheroes.This first edition has Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Sorry, Martian Detective, maybe next time!

Aquaman beer

Batman beer

Flash beer

Our favorite detail about these is how it’s not only the bottle, but the type of beer itself also matches somehow the personality and color scheme of the heroes.Can I have some Flash please?

Green lantern beer

Superman beer

Wonder woman beer

Source: Nerdgasmo

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