Gigantic Air Powered Spider Puppet

There is always a sense of mortal fear that accosts most people when they encounter hairy black spiders.

Arachnophobia is what it is called in psychological jargon and those who are afflicted with this condition may need to grab their bottles of anxiety relievers when they take a look at this gigantic animated spider. The black spider is air powered and is controlled by a person who stands right in the middle of the puppet when it moves its horrid legs. The video shows the gigantic spider puppet moving all of its 8 legs ferociously while the man in the middle seems to control it and tame it, without ever bothering how sharp its claws seem.

Even those who love spiders may feel a moment of terror when they take a look at a gigantic spider that moves the way this puppet does! The gigantic air powered spider puppet was created by Tim Davies, who is an artist. Tim usually works on commissioned work and kinetic sculptures that seem to defy reality and shock the very guts that hold you together. This massive beast certainly is the stuff that any arachnophobic’s worst nightmares are made of. Also, it would not help psychologists to use this gigantic spider as a method to desensitize the phobic person towards spiders.

Instead, it could be a great gift to those who love spiders, and find the hairy, black creatures loveable and adorable. If you are an arachnophiliac yourself, you could take a look at the video several times and revel at the spider’s horrid beauty. If you think you can’t really handle such a gigantic spider near you, you could also take a look at the Kanibot, which is a new spider cop. You could also take a look at this large Manmade Spider Web, which was made from packaging tape.