QR Code Super Mario

One of the weird things that could happen while browsing the Internet is to run into a foreign language website, and see something cool.

However, it is possible that there is no information on the site in the form of text with the help of which you could translate into English and learn what the cool picture that you just saw is all about. Here is a cool 8-bit Super Mario image which is hidden in the midst of a QR Code. it is not clear what the code says and what the underlying message is all about, but it seems to juxtapose the chasms that exist between rudimentary 8-bit technology and the futuristic QR codes, which have almost become part of our lives. The QR code with 8-bit Super Mario seems to be created by a certain Mr. Kuwahara, and interestingly, the Spanish-language website has categorized the post under ‘Unclassifiable’.

I think that says a lot about the interesting image. Super Mario and 8-bit games are still around even after all these years, and embedding Mario’s image in QR code is an artist’s way to say that what is old and outdated need not be redundant. What is outdated can still be enjoyed in its own right, and there certainly are a number of people who would prefer old 8-bit games over modern 3D titles, in spite of all the glamour and action attached to the latter.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to wait and watch how artists continue to question our penchant for holding back to outdated and old video games, comics, cartoons and storylines. You could also go ahead and take a look at the QR Code Wood Sculpture, which again is a way of protesting against everything going digital. The QR Code Clock is an interesting object that seems to freeze in time and space.