Star Trek PADD Comes to the iPad

Lets admit something.  Star Trek and consumer gadgets seem to go hand in hand.  Now there is on iPad app that bridges the gap between regular old consumer gadgets and geekdom.

Star Trek case mods still pop up from time to time just as a way to honor one of the most popular and prolific science fiction series of all times, as the original Star Trek spawned several different offshoots.  Of course if there is one thing that runs through all the different Star Trek shows it is that very distinctive look to the touchscreen control panels that are located throughout the various ships in the series.

This particular app has the LCARS look of the touch screen panels that were used and loved so much by the fans of the show though sadly this particular touch screen won’t pilot any galactic star ships.  What the app does offer is a wealth of Star Trek series information including character bios from all of the different offshoots including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise as well as the original Star Trek series starring Captain James T. Kirk.

In addition to bios, there are also recaps of episodes as well as clips and even a few full episodes.  For the trekkie in your family, perhaps even as a gift for your father or brother  if they have an iPad.  Trekkies have already taken notice, despite the fact that the app has only just been in the App store for a couple of days and there are bound to be a few improvements and additions as the developers continue to polish.

What will really get trekkies going, when they download this app however is the fact that the entire LCARS touch screen offers up authentic sounds that will make the users feel as though they are actually on set, or even better traveling the galaxy with the PADD’s help.  The app will even speak to the users with several different pre-programmed responses, much the same way the computer was able to interact with the various crews of the Star Trek series.  Costing just $4.99, fans of the series should run out and grab it.