Star Trek USS Eurisko Case Mod

No matter how many decades pass by, Star Trek shall continue to remain one of the most popular science fiction series ever.

In fact, Star Trek Voyager could just be one of the most popular spacecrafts, even if it is fictitious. Modder Sander van der Veldon too is a huge fan of Star Trek and decided to build a Case that looks just like the Voyager.

In fact, it is not just a case mod, but a full blown PC built from the scratch. It is tentatively named the Intrepid Mark II Class USS Eurisko and the modder required almost 5 months to reach the stage he has reached right now. In fact, the USS Eurisko is not completely built yet, and I am not really sure if he can make it to the 2011 Cooler Master Case Mod Competition, for which voting would end on May 31st.

The USS Eurisko case mod would come with remote controlled motors that would help the Voyager’s wings to move up and down. The case mod also consists of bright phaser banks that are studded with LED lights and laser beams. Being a proponent of water cooling, Sander van der Veldon has used the right method to cool the interiors of the case. Some of the materials that the modder has used to build this cool case are Depron foam, XPS foam, glass fibre and epoxy and epoxy clay.

You could also take a look at the videos to get an idea of the way the USS Eurisko would look once it is completed.

One of the videos also shows how cool the LEDs look when the Case Mod is used.


If you looked at the pictures, you would actually think it is the real Star Trek Voyager, and that is because he has built it in such a manner that it almost looks authentic! If you are a fan of Star Trek and also have a sweet tooth, you could take a look at the USS Voyager and Borg Cakes. I am sure they would taste good!

Via: Techna Bob