The Coolest Things at Comic-Con 2011

    Comic-Con 2011 is just around the corner and this year it looks like there will be quite a few cool and geeky (as always) things to check out.

    Lucy Lawless Open Q&A

    First up, Lucy Lawless, otherwise known as Xena from the self titled series and Lucretia from “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”, will be making a special appearance and answering questions posed to her by geeks from around the world. All the secrets you’ve always wanted to know about TV most famous warrior babe will be answered, such as does she practice her Xena yell when no one is around and what are her thoughts of other famous Hollywood gladiators.

    The good folks over at Entertainment Weekly are still taking questions that they will bring to their interview with her.

    New Spiderman Figure

    Next up,expect to set your sights on a whole ton of new action figures, great for filling up space on your fireplace mantel or starting conversations at dinner parties. One of this year’s highlights is a brand new Spiderman figure with over 20 points of articulation, so that the big kid in everyone of us can pose Spidey around the house with the best of them.

    This new figure is being releases in anticipation of next year’s Spiderman reboot, “The Amazing Spiderman”, where actor Andrew Garfield will fill in the shoes left by Tobey Maguire

    New Vampire Comic Series: The Strain

    Also, where would Comic-Con be without comics? One of the notable highlights of this year will be the unveiling of Dark Horse comics new vampire series “The Strain.” Created by Guillermo del Toro, the series signals the first time he writer / director has forayed into comics.

    Hardly a stranger to comic books, del Toro brought us two big screen adaptations of Dark Horse’s “Hellboy” comics, as well as the action packed “Blade II.”

    DC Comics Reboot

    To save the best for last: DC Comics has also announced that they will reveal the ins and outs of their impending 52 title relaunch. DC Comics will effectively be rebooting almost every single one of their current series.


    Some of the changes might put fans of certain series into a bit of an uproar, such as the potential end to Superman and Lois Lane’s marriage and complete retelling of some other stories. Though DC believes its making the right choice in revitalizing its brans, I suppose fans will have to find out more at Comic-Con and then in September when the titles are launched.

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