Is Star Trek Better than Star Wars? Ask William Shatner

William Shatner, a.k.a. Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, recently gave us his 10 cents on how Star Wars compares to his beloved Star Trek.

william shatner star trek

It’s been a couple of decades since Shatner first took to the screen playing his iconic role and, while his waistline has certainly seen better days, he looks as chipper as ever for a man who just broke the big 80.

According to Shatner, Star Wars can be boiled down to a flashy, special effects laden but ultimately derivative version of Star Trek. He claims that Star Trek was always about the characters and their connections with one another, while Star Wars was more or less a noisy summer blockbuster and nothing more.

The competition between Star Wars and Star Trek has been at the center of fanboy battles for decades. It’s not likely that William Shatner’s rather tongue in cheek discussion of the two will put any sort of rest to the topic, but at least it’s good fun to see one of the most recognizable faces in sci-fi talk about it.

At least William Shatner seems to be mocking Star Wars in a rather tongue in cheek fashion. It’s not like he can really get too serious on the topic when we consider how ridiculous his acting was, even by 1960s standards, back during the original Star Trek series.

Though he does raise a few good points. After seeing some of the recent “tweaks” made by Lucasfilms to the original trilogy, and cinematic disasters of the prequels, one would have to agree that Star Wars might be more about the money than telling a compelling story these days.

On the flip side, at least Star Wars fans don’t have to put up with 40 something year old men with fake Vulcan ears.

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