“Operation” Race Car Requires Steady Hands

If you’ve ever wondered if it were possible to combine cars and classic board games, then wonder no further. As an entry in one of the LeMons races, this car was modded to double as a working version of the board game “Operation”. For those unaware, the “24 Hours of LeMons” is a 24-hour endurance race (and play on words between Le Mans and lemon, a term for stinker cars) involving cheap cars. As one might imagine, it doesn’t take itself very seriously, and both organizers and drivers include plenty of silliness.

Many cars are modified to fit a theme or gimmick, a way to have fun and to stand out amongst a flood of cars that are steps away from being part of a scrap heap. This particular car went with a theme centered around the board game “Operation”. The red BMW E30 features its own version of the game’s ‘board’, its slots carved right into the hood. For those who have never played the game, the goal is to use a pair of tongs to remove various maladies from a human body. If the metal tongs touch the metal edges of the slot, you fail and the patient’s nose lights up and a loud buzzer is heard.

The core gameplay is the same here, although the tongs are larger and the items in the slots are more appealing. Touching the edge of the metal hood will cause the nose to light up and, instead of a buzzer, a car alarm siren to go off. I imagine goodies like the Toblerone bar or the Twizzlers might be easy enough to remove, but I have no idea how one could possible pry out a full bottle of Goldschläger or Jägermeister with a pair of tongs. The goodies are held in place with strong Velcro to prevent them from flying out during the race, and the car even managed to come in 55th place out of 122 entrants. For more fun vehicles, check out this X-Wing Fighter Car and the Smart Car Batmobile.

Operation LeMons Race Car

Operation BMW E30

Operation Lemons BMW E30

Operation Race Car

Operation Racecar

Operation BMW Racer

BMW E30 Operation Mod

Operation BMW LeMons Racer

Via: Craziest Gadgets / MurileeMartin