Another Sweet Angry Birds Cake

Anyone need a sugar rush? To satisfy your sweet cravings and your Angry Birds addiction, here is yet another awesome cake inspired by the phenomenal game. From Nicole Lapointe of TroubleBaker comes this delicious birthday cake with all your favorite game characters in yummy detail. It’s the perfect treat to cap off any Angry Birds themed birthday party.

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake 3

This round cake is covered with fondant and all the birds, pigs, and props are molded from colored sugar paste. Flying overhead is the red Angry Bird ready to wreak havoc upon the two helpless pigs.  Also on top you can see the blue, yellow, and white Angry Birds. The cake top if finished off with décor such as the slingshot, some stones, and sticks.

Angry Birds Cake 2

Check out the sides of the cake, where the creator made that extra effort to feature the game characters in motion. She recreated the scenes where the birds are launched to destroy the structures and to injure the poor green pigs. It’s just like you were viewing them from your iPad screen as you play along.

Angry Birds Cake 5

Angry Birds Cake 4

For added effect, the artist lightly airbrushed the blue and green backgrounds to further enhance the 3D look of the cake. This work of art truly looks too awesome to eat!

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