Deliciously Amazing Stargate Cake

Even if you’re not a fan of the TV show or the movie (but who isn’t), this wicked Stargate cake might change your mind. If nothing else, traveling to another planet has never looked so delicious.

Star Gate Cake

The cake was created by Leslie Coonrod and shows the full Star Gate complete with alien hieroglyphs and shimmering wormhole. While she doesn’t say exactly how much time everything took to complete, we’re guessing with the baking, piping of details and painting, the whole thing – sketches, piping, research gathering –  probably took at least three hours.

Star Gate Cake Cut

The cake itself is made out of two layers of chocolate devil’s foodcake with mint white chocolate ganache in between them. The delicious wormhole center is made from handmade mint marshmallow and then hand-painted to create the shimmering effect. Besides this the little markers to set on each hieroglyph appear to be made from rolled out chocolate, which are then shaped to the appropriate chevron form. This was some lucky guy’s birthday cake, so hopefully he really enjoyed the movie. Even if he had no idea what “Star Gate” was, the effort and detailing in this cake is enough to impress even those who hated the movie. Plus, it’s a cake, so even if the design is lost on some, the taste will surely impress anyone. What can be better than chocolate and mint?

Star Gate Cake Top

Star Gate Cake Side

Star Gate Cake Bottom

The effort and sheer geekiness of this cake is impressive and makes me hope that one day I too will receive something almost as cool. One thing is for sure, I’ll never look at the Star Gate in quite the same way again. You can watch a video of the making of below.

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Via: Geeks are Sexy and Flickr