Jessica Nigri As The Perfect Link From Legend of Zelda

If we can get over the fact that Link is actually both a lefty and a man, we’ll learn to appreciate this incredible cosplay by Jessica Nigri by what it truly is: a masterpiece!

Jessica Nigri Link LOZ 1

If you have any interest at all in cosplay, you might be familiar with the name Jessica Nigri, for she’s probably the biggest name in the scene. Jessica is a cosplayer, model and over-all celebrity who now delights us with her very own vision of the Hero of Time, Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Jessica Nigri Link LOZ 2

In these pictures we even get to see her with Lindsay Elyse as her very own personal Navi. We would have preferred a Midna, personally, but you can just not argue with a classic, and that’s just what these two ladies have created. Congrats to the both of them!

Jessica Nigri Link LOZ 3

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