Steampunk Rings Perfectly Suited Mad Scientists

Check out some really creepy, yet awesome, steam punk inspired rings that look like they would be perfectly suited for villains and mad scientists.

These rings were created by artist Daniel Proulx for CatherinetteRings, a channel over on Flickr that seems to specialize in offering all things steam punk.

steampunk ring

The first ring is the Triple Red Eye Ring, which actually looks eerily like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story. I’m pretty sure that anything with three eyes, and red eyes at that, probably best belongs at the bottom of some pit, waiting in the shadows for its chance. This is definitely the perfect ring for a villain to wear.

steampunk ring gears

Next up is a piece simply called Steampunk Ring, which also has a creepy eye. The gears in the middle look like they might have come from a pocket watch, though it’s appropriately steam punk. It’s fairly standard, if you’ve seen your share of steam punk jewelry that is, but awesome nonetheless.

steampunk ring motor

Third is the Steampunk Propeller Ring. Apart from the signature evil eye, this piece also has a miniature propeller, perfect for any fly boy to add to their collection.

steampunk ring eyes

Lastly, we’ve got the Steampunk Ring with Lab created Opals. This one looks suitably mysterious, like it would be something worn by a mad scientist, or maybe even a treasure hunter.

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