Your Very Own Angry Birds Revenge In Papercraft

Sometimes you really want to grab a catapult and fight yourself those green, piggy bastards! Until now the revenge required an electronic device or at least hours of working on your own birds. Not anymore.

Probably noone likes those bloody egg stealers. And now it’s possible to recreate the Angry Birds scenes with the use of printable, DIY version of the game’s characters. And recreate the struggle against pigs’ domination. All you need is a decent printer… and a slingshot.

Angry Birds inspire the whole geeky world – there were LEGO versions, Angry Birds cake pops or iPhone cases to list just some examples. And now there’s a really cool DIY, papercraft variant. The set was created by Adrian, a toy collector from Singapore who has a blog named Little Plastic Man.

It consists of 5 birds (looking quite angry) and a huge green pig. The cubic shape makes it easier to tell it’s paper, not plush, LEGO or some other material. But the coolest part is that you can build the set on your own, for free. All you need to do is to download and print free PDFs with templates containing some basic instructions, all in original colors known from the game (see the low-res example at the bottom). There’s one file for each figure. Just cut it along the lines, glue together and done!

Angry Birds is a cross-platform casual game developed by a Finland-based company Rovio Mobile in 2009. The aim of the game is to take control of a group of birds and try to retrieve their eggs, that were stolen by nasty green pigs. Most of the attacks are kinda suicidal, but it’s all done for a higher purpose after all, the family! The game is quite well known for being very addictive, even Mike Tyson declared his help to those with Angry Birds problem…

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Via: Little Plastic Man