Steampunk USB Flash Drive with Glowing Crystal is for Hardcore Fans

I have seen a lot of steampunk fanfare in my day, but I have to admit this USB flash drive, complete with a glowing quartz crystal inside a curved glass window, is one of the more elaborate pieces I have seen for such a small piece of technology. You get what you pay for, though, as this USB drive will not come cheap.

The USB drive is modified with a number of different materials, including brass, copper, glass, some watch parts, and a genuine quartz crystal. All of the metal connections have been brazed with silver. The creator has assured us that the piece will not come apart, and he or she uses them everyday without any maintenance issues. I am not sure why you would be worried aobut this, but the drive is also 100% waterproof. The drive itself holds 8 gigs of storage and it is also windows ready boost capable.

To take the look even further, the cap screws on securely so that you have the option to attach a lanyard or use it as a pendant. You will probably want to get as much use out of it as you can, considering you’ll be shelling out $185.00 USD in order to get your hands on one. The surface is “distressed” with carefully applied pantina to make it look like it really came from the post-nuclear world of the future, and there isn’t any plastic or paint used. That is some find handiwork, if I do say so myself.

If you are in the market for some other steampunk items, you don’t have to go far. You can take on the Sci-Fi look with this steampunk lightsaber for example. People living in the arid wasteland of the future still need to keep themselves entertained, too. For that, we have the steampunk Mr. Potato Head, which I think looks more like a mechanized version of the monopoly guy.