SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse Has Your Name 3D Printed on It

There’s something about gamers and vanity! They might not be able to put their codename on everything they own, but at least their mouse can have it beautifully etched in 3D.

The Internet is full of pictures of ridiculous vanity plates, so why not use the same trick for gaming peripherals, SteelSeries seems to have thought. And no, the codename (or nickname, or even your real name, if that’s what your heart desires) is not simply printed on a sticker that’s attached to the mouse. Oh, no! SteelSeries thought that if your name gets on a gaming peripheral, then it should stay there till the end of time, in the hope that your grand-grandchildren will get to sell on eBay for millions of dollars the mouse their ancestor did headshots after headshots with. That being said, the name is 3D printed on the gaming mouse so that anyone who see the peripheral can envy you silently.

There are a lot of great plays at words in the marketing copy for the Rival gaming mouse. SteelSeries claims it has an unrivaled design and an unmatched performance, so it’s pretty clear that this mouse was not built for single player games.

Here’s what the manufacturer says about Rival: “The new ergonomic shape and state of the art hardware deliver unmatched levels of precision, comfort and durability. Combining this level of hardware with new SteelSeries Engine 3 software, users will find an entirely new customization experience that redefines how a mouse can be configured.”

There’s no doubt that this mouse can be configured in numerous ways. For starters, gamers can choose the illuminating LED to shine in one of the 16.8 million possible colors. Besides that, it comes with programmable buttons and all sorts of goodies gamers would appreciate in a high-quality peripherals. If you’re interested in learning more about the Rival’s technical specs, head over to the product page on the SteelSeries website. In the meantime, watch the following video to get an idea about how this amazing gaming mouse looks and works in real life.

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