Stop-Motion Tribute to Ms. Pac-Man & Donkey Kong

Office space meets gaming legacy in motion with this brief, but fun, YouTube video.

Ms. Pac-Man Donkey Kong Post-It Note Animation image 1

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you a butt-load of Post-It notes and nothing much else to do when in the office, then why not make a splashy stop-motion video like Michael Birken.

Michael took approximately 4,800 Post-Its – in a rainbow of assorted colors – and almost a whole year to produce his awesome homage to a couple of his favorite Arcade games, two classics you might have heard of, Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Every splendid frame of animation was printed out, one-by-one, and then transferred to the walls of his office floor to be filmed. Specifically, one office floor wall; Michael admitted that each scene was shot on a single consistent frame.

Meaning, that the different office backgrounds you see during the video where filmed separately, and then in the editing stage, laid behind the animation of Ms. Pac-Man gobbling up pellets and Mario jumping over speeding barrels.

Spliced together they both make for quite the fantastic visual. Check it out!

I’m not sure what kind of office job you need to play around with Post-Its all day and make sweet stop-motion animations like Michael, but I sure wouldn’t mind having it.

Much like I wouldn’t mind delving into Game of Thrones infographics and the latest 3D printer tech right here on Walyou, and I’m sure you won’t either!