Street Fighter X Mega Man Gets Mega Buster USB Release

Capcom busts out a gnarly physical package for Street Fighter X Mega Man that includes a rad-looking USB drive.

Mega Man Mega Buster 8GB USB drive image

To celebrate the 25th anniversaries of two their most beloved gaming properties, Capcom released the freeware cross-over title Street Fighter X Mega Man in December. If you remember, the game was in the action-platformer mold of classic 8-bit Mega Man games and starred the Blue Bomber taking on the famed World Warriors.

Turn to next week and as part of an awesome physical release via the Capcom Store, Street Fighter X Mega Man will come stored on an 8GB USB drive that’s in the shape of Mega Man’s trusty Mega Buster, and normally I don’t often find myself saying “wow, that USB drive looks so cool,” but this would be one of those rare occasions when I do.

Street Fighter x Mega Man USB drive poster image

Best looking USB drive ever? It certainly is for me, and for $19.95 USD it can be yours along with a slew of goodies that also come pre-stored on the drive, bonuses like digital issues #1-4 of the Archie Mega Man comics, a digital copy of the Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man X Complete Works art books, Street Fighter X Mega Man wallpapers, and the chiptuned-themed soundtrack from Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Again, all for $20 American dollars! Heck, I’d probably pay twenty just for that sweet Mega Buster USB drive alone, but with all those neat pack-ins? That is a steal, my friends. So head over to the Capcom Store to find out when it goes on sale and return to Walyou for LEGO mouse traps, the making of ROM City Rampage, and whatever we have in store for you from our geeky universe.