Indoor Soccer Fun with Street Soccer Foosball Table

Table football, better known as Foosball, is one of the very famous table games. It is based on association football. A new version of the game was launched under the name Panna bringing about a true depiction of street football – the street soccer foosball table.

Street football is an informal version of the game. It can be played in the absence of a large field, field markings, goal apparatus and other similar formalities. This version of the game can be played anywhere with a just a ball and a wall used as a goal. With these basic requirements this version of the game has become very popular all over the world.

The Street Soccer Foosball Table has brought about the true spirit of the street version on to the table. It has incorporated the same informal atmosphere with all formal signs of the game missing from the table. Not only are the field markings missing but the green field is also not to be seen. The entire structure has cement like finish. This includes the ground as well as the walls. This, all the more, gives it a very rustic look.

On carefully observing the players, one will notice that each player is an individual in himself with all of them wearing different clothes. Remember this is street soccer and has no formal uniform for teams. However, there is one feature running common among all players – they are all wearing Nike shoes.

The game set up has four players with two controls on either side of the table. The two square holes on both sides serve as goals. The aim is not just to see who scores the most goals but also to judge the best player. The best player is one that manages to play the ball between the legs of his/her opponent. This explains the name Panna given to this project that was undertaken for Nike.

This table game was made for Nike for display at the 90sqm in Amsterdam to celebrate Air Max 90. It was later put up for display at Artgadgets in Eindhoven for a couple of month. Much to the dismay of all, this unique piece got demolished in a road accident when being transported to a shop location in Copenhagen.

It would be exciting to get this piece remade and marketed for an awesome experience of the game within the four walls of one’s house. Weather restrictions would no more be there to hinder more games.

Man has unlimited wants and many wish to have more fun through innovation in games. If this has sparked a desire in you to learn foosball, might as well take a look at Nike Foosball Table, Foosball Hero iPad App and Foosball Lego Coffee Table.

Via: Super Punch and I Have Pop