Bullet Chess Set Made from .223 Caliber Shells

Here is a preview of how chess games of the future can really go extreme. Gone were the days when wooden pieces dominated the boards. This custom made set uses expended .223 caliber shell casings.Think of it as a brilliant marriage of sports, art, and the science of recycling.

Bullet Chess Set 1

Available for sale on Olde World Collectibles and Creations, this metal and wood chess set will surely be a pleasure to play. The chessboard measures 12 by 12 by 2 inches, and is carved out of red oak, along with shiny brass handles for easy setup.

Bullet Chess Set 2

Bullet Chess Set 3

All 32 playing pieces are made from spent shells from a .223 caliber rifle. The first set is carved from steel shell casings, and the other is all made of brass. The wooden bases for the steel pieces are of red oak, while beautiful black walnut was used for the bases of the brass pieces. Each chess piece measures between 1 ¼ to 2 ½ inches.

Bullet Chess Set 5

Only the kings and queens actually have a bullet mounted on the tip, but none of the pieces are live – much to everyone’s relief. Take the time to admire how each chess piece is expertly handcrafted. According to the creator, the casings were shaped by curling, cutting, and scoring the sides. The wooden bases were given distinct markings by wood burning.

Bullet Chess Set 4

Olde World Collectibles and Creations announces to its clients that if they want a custom made chess board like this one, then simply give them a call. They are said to be able to craft another ammunition masterpiece like this with whatever caliber bullet the client requests.

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Via: Design Buzz