Man Tests Insulating Foam Via Blowtorch

Suppose you’ve invented what you claim is a super effective, non-toxic, biodegradable insulating foam. How do you show people that it really works? Grab a handful of it and take a blowtorch to your hand, of course.

That’s what a man does in a YouTube video that comes to use from Geekologie via George4Title’s YouTube page. As cool as this video is, I should point out that G4T seems to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, so be careful when browsing his videos.

The older gentleman who says he’s invented the compound, dumps some water in a bucket filled with some green stuff, the water serving as a catalyst. The man scoops up a handful while another guy turns on a blowtorch full blast for 20 seconds. His hand appears to be completely unscathed.

If that’s not enough, he does the next logical thing after the impressive demo. He takes a spoon and eats it. It does look a bit like mint chocolate chip or pistachio ice cream, so I wouldn’t blame him.

Of course, people on the Internet like to claim that some awesome thing is fake, and plenty of people on Reddit are challenging this clip’s authenticity as well, citing a cut just before he eats the material.

If this stuff is real, it might help save you from burning to death in a plane crash. You’ll also get a snack until the rescuers arrive. The reason this guy claims he’s created this insulation is that regulatory agencies are getting tougher on insulation materials that use toxic substances, because they end up in the water.

He claims he’s been eating this stuff for five years, but I don’t know whether that’s awesome or crazy. It’s always good to maintain a healthy sense of  skepticism about anything cool or outrageous you see.

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