Epic and Minimalist Mario and Link Poster Art

Sometimes the very least can say the most, which seems to be what these minimalist Mario and Link posters are going for.

minimalist mario epic poster

Apparently there’s been a bit of a fade these days to depict heroism by only showing a character’s close up chest. It’s kind of like some of those posters we used to see for Superman or other superhero movies. Who knew that the same art style could be applied to iconic Nintendo video game characters?

minimalist zelda link poster

According to our source, these illustrations were put together by a minimalist artist named Justin D. Russo. I think he captured the heroic qualities of these two video game icons incredibly well. I never knew that Mario’s mid-section could seem so epic, and the same goes for his usually chirpy “Here we go”.

There’s something incredibly epic about these two illustrations. The trailing commas after “It’s dangerous to go alone” and “Here we go” make it seem like there’s still so much more that needs to be said, but our heroes are too busy being to finish their sentences.

I suppose it goes to show how iconic Mario and Link are if we can instantly recognize them by the area around their sternums. I can’t think of too many other characters that dress in a green tunic with oversized belt buckles or a red shirt with blue suspenders. Though, the quotes clear up any confusion about their true identities.

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