Rube Goldberg Suitcase Postcard Maker

These days, if you want to show your friends and family what a good time you’re having on your trip, you’re probably more likely to post to social media from you smartphone rather than mailing a postcard. One project, however, tries to change that.

The design firm HEYHEYHEY has created a video of a man using a Rube Goldberg-inspired device inside two suitcases, dubbed Melvin the Mini Machine, to write and stamp a postcard. What makes these kinds of devices so funny is how they do simple things in very complicated ways, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It includes an alarm clock, marbles, a record player, a bow tie and a pipe, for starters.

The song at the end will also stick in your head. This post comes to us from This Is Colossal. For more Rube Goldberg fun, check out a post on another device to pop a balloon, as well as a pancake-making robot.