Atari-Inspired Xbox 360 Mod

When an enthusiast combines two iconic gaming consoles into one, great things happen.

I’m not really familiar with Ben Heck’s (Benjamin Heckendorn’s) work, but from what I gather he’s got quite a bit of expertise in the field of video games. Born in the 70s, he was around to see video games take over as an underground form of entertainment in arcades to its invasion of the household. This made him a perfect candidate for Atari to create a new promotional item for Ataris new downloadable games available on the Xbox 360.

Atari Xbox 360

Ben Heck decided it’d be a great idea to house the Xbox 360 in an old Atari machine, and so he set about creating it. Atari is known for its early work such as Pac-man and Asteroids, and is still a huge force to be reckoned with in the gaming universe. Games such as Dungeons and Dragons are available through Xbox Live Arcade. A lot of its older titles have been refreshed, including Champions, which is now a free game online. It’s remarkable, because I remember seeing an advertisement for Champions in one of my old X-men comics. Back in the day, it set about highlighting new features, such as a training mode and whatnot. Atari is also the maker of Gauntlet Legends, which I remember spending hours at the arcade playing and watching other people play. Heck was granted a great opportunity, so he ran with it and decided to film the process.

Heck removed the interior of the Xbox 360, grabbed a monitor, and set about creating the Atari/Xbox 360 hybrid. Unfortunately, the video is mainly just a trailer, and so we don’t get to see the final product yet. Nonetheless, it seems like a cool hybrid of two eras, and I’d definitely keep an eye on Hecks channel to see the video of the final product.

Heck has built a variety of products, including a portable work bench, and a Sega CDX. A portable workbench could definitely serve of a nice function, and the Sega CDX would be of mostly sentimentally value, I imagine. Nonetheless, this is a great resource if you’re into this sort of stuff.

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Via: Ben Heck