Super Gigan Vinyl Toy by Hannes Hummel

Good things do come in small packages and this tiny gaming system amazingly packed into a tiny toy figure proves it.

Super Gigan Vinyl Toy by Hannes Hummel image 1

Hannes Hummel, huh? Isn’t that the name of the bad guy from Die Hard? Interesting, who knew (spoilers!) he survived that insta-death drop from the Nakatomi Building and started to create works of art inspired by videogames?

Smart move, really, grand theft is a dirty and unfulfilled line of work. And is a total 180 with his latest brilliant job, Super Gigan, a vinyl toy that is more than meets the eye, because in exchange for a standard head, Hummel tinkered in a miniature working gaming console.

You might have thought that NES gamepad resting at Super Gigan’s feet was just for artistic show – oh-ho-ho, not so friends – it actually lets anyone control the retrofitted Game Boy Advance, programmed with an assortment of retro gaming emulators, displayed on the miniature display.

There’s even full motion playback, web and file browsing modded into the hardware, too. Quite frankly, it’s an astonishing feet of engineering for something that uses a small, dinky Qee figure – a type of collectable designer toy made in Hong Kong – while being very stylish.

Bravo to Hannes Hummel, who I am now being told is not the bad guy from Die Hard – that was Hans Gruber, portrayed by Alan Rickman – and is instead, a talented German graphic designer who has produced a number of awesome items for exhibits in his homeland.

My sincerest, and deepest, apologizes Hannes – geeze, do I have egg on my face?! Aheh, heh, heh… *Gulp* Anywho, shall I interest you readers in iPhone speakers made from Nutella jars? Or how about a Reddit user creating a handmade version of Risk using the almighty Nintendo universe? If so, then they are there for the taking along with a ton of geeky news here on Walyou. Also, I could really go for watching Die Hard again. Great flick.